Shipping and return policies for Touch Of Eternity

Shipping Info
We will ship everything via Itella. Therefore the packages go via land transfer, expect the shipment take at least a few days, and maximum of a month. The shipment costs depend on where you live, unfortunately. Due to EU policies it costs more to ship to faraway places or places that aren't inside EU. And inside EU the shipment costs are divided into three different areas by Itella, our shipment provider. So larger shipments can take up to 30 euros to be sent. Sometimes they are only around 10 euros. So, it varies. Again, be in contact!
Return Policy
You can return every single product that is damaged or otherwise unusable. Unfortunately we can not pay the return posting, but we will ship you the replacing product for free and with haste! We will inform you personally via e-mail in case our stocks run empty and we can't ship you a replacement. Don't hesitate to be in contact, we would prefer to handle every return as a own case and personally so there won't be any hard feelings or dissapointment! :-)